Pallavi’s Journey

My journey as an artist has been one of discovering my passion and love for art. I am not a born artist and have discovered my passion and talent for art over a period of time. While my profession was Interior Designing, I started painting as a hobby and soon discovered that art took me into a totally different world. This experience is magical and I want others to experience this too. So, come and join me on this beautiful journey...and let us explore the world of art together.

About Pallavi Wagh

I am settled in Naperville ,Illinois a suburb of the windy city, Chicago, IL USA. I teach my classes at two location(s) Naperville and Aurora, IL. In this present situation of Covid 19, I host online classes via zoom and my student participants are loving it. Prior to COVID lockdown I was also teaching art at a Montessori for Elementary and Preschool in Aurora, IL. I am happily married to my moral supporter, my husband Rahul who continually encourages me to chase my dreams! I am a mom of two handsome boys. My family is my strength.

“Paint your dreams” - NW

Benefits of Art

More than the end product it’s the journey which is like meditating

Art helps with anxiety. Art gives you confidence. Art helps with focus. Art helps kids and adults relax. Art helps in organizing thoughts. Art helps struggling kids to sit in one place and get things done.

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